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Make the wedding of your dreams come to life.

It’s a big day for you and you’ve been waiting for this day for how long?

My job is to learn what your vision of a perfect wedding is so you can have the wedding day that’s inside your mind. If you can dream it, we can do it. The answer is always YES. My job is to bring it to life for your special day.

There is no “how is it normally done?” or “how do they normally do this?” The answer is that it’s up to what you want!

This is your day. It should be your way – and I’m here to give it to you.

My job is to sit down with the bride and pull everything you want for your special day out of your head. I want to get a crystal clear vision of your perfect wedding. I want to learn your vision and make sure that it’s all mapped out in a way that I can see it and you can see it.

When you wake up on your wedding day I want you to turn it over to me and go get married! You deserve to spend time with your family and friends and enjoy your special day without stressing about making all the pieces work together.

Add-ons & Enhancements

For a more stress-free experience, let us cross more off your to-do list by handling more pieces to the party puzzle!

Fallon Love Productions is so much more than just a wedding DJ.

I’ll coordinate your timeline, I’ll make your announcements, and I’ll make sure that the sound and flow goes off without a hitch. Well, maybe one – but that’s where you come in.

I come out as an MC and a hostess but also I play music of course. I always bring a 2nd DJ to come with me so they can keep the music going at all times and I can make sure everything flows exactly the way you want it to.

Our staff likes to arrive at weddings at least 2 hours prior to music start time. We like to start music 30 minutes prior to your ceremony to make sure that your guests feel welcomed and that it sets a good tone as people come into the event.

We make your announcements leading into the ceremony to let people know to silence their cell phones. We’ll make sure that the ceremony goes off perfectly.

We’ll make sure that your officiant has a microphone, that your songs are played in the right order, and that everything goes exactly how you wanted it to.

As MCs we like to focus on transition and make sure that things flow from one thing to the next. From your cocktail hour we’ll help you transition from your reintroduction through your dinner, your toasts, your cake, your special dances, and into the dance party time.

We’ll do it in a way that feels natural but also in a way that make sure that everything actually happens.

Groom, best man, and party at photo booth

As DJ/MCs We’ll Keep Your Wedding Reception Fun and Active!

When you take off after the ceremony you’re going to want to take some pictures and sign your marriage license. That’s when I’m going to step in as your wedding MC and hostess.

I’ll make announcements and make sure that your friends and family know where you went, when you’re coming back, and what they can be doing in the timeframe that you’re gone.

Just knowing what’s coming up keeps people there, and my job is to make sure that everybody feels like they’re included in your day so that they stay and enjoy every minute that you’ve put together for them.

Wedding MC introducing family for toasts

The biggest question people want to know is what about music?

I’ll do as little or as much of the music planning process as you want.

I ask for:

  • your traditional songs
  • your ceremony music
  • your first dance
  • your father/daughter mother/son

The rest of it really is up to you!

If you can give me some must-play songs and some do-not play songs I’ll put together a mix that blends well and matches your tastes for you. I’ll make sure everybody in your party will hear something that they like.

I do take requests but I’ll definitely give consideration to what their song requests are. Sometimes people like to make requests that are… less than appropriate. If it’s not appropriate I might not play it. I choose to play music that everybody can enjoy.

Unless it’s time for the dance party and you really, really want it I’ll probably play the radio edit.

So why should you hire Fallon Love Productions are your Wedding MC & DJ?

I’ve been doing this for more than 10 years and it never gets old. I am so passionate about giving people the day of their dreams.

I live this experience with you and I hope to become friends with you, even after the big day. We’re a full time wedding company and we’re professionals who are here for you.

We’re professionally insured and licensed by the state of Oregon.

Fallon Love Productions has been nominated by Oregon Bride magazine for best DJ of the year outside of Portland 3 years in a row.

Oregon Bride Magazine 2020 Best Wedding DJ Nomination Badge

Another thing that sets us apart from other DJs is that we bring out 2 people.

One of the things we take pride in is that we’re very inclusive in what we include in our packages. Not all DJs include the same things, so we always make sure that you compare apples to apples.

We bring out 4 speakers in order to make sure we have surround sound and can manage. we don’t want grandma being blasted in the front while people in the back can’t hear the toasts.

We bring basic party lighting for you. And if you’d like to upgrade, we also have amazing uplights that I recommend highly.

In a world full of hate, Fallon Love Productions stands for love.

Sometimes I find that my couples have a hard time finding very accepting vendors. I want you to know that Fallon Love Productions is all inclusive.

We proudly support all marriage and all love.

If you have an alternative wedding we are definitely the ladies for you. We’re LGBTQI+ friendly and we accept anyone regardless of gender, age, orientation, race… you name it. Fallon Love Productions is here for you to feel safe and welcome because love is love and everyone deserves the wedding of their dreams.

2 brides raising a toast

We could keep telling you how awesome your wedding will be with Fallon Love Productions, but we'll let our clients tell you themselves.

Here’s what happens when you’re ready to book your DJ/MC

Let me walk you through how the process is going to go when you book with Fallon Love Productions.

After you sign your contract and put in your retainer now it’s time for the fun stuff. It’s time for the online planning guide.

You’re going to get your own account with questionnaires and guides.

  • I’d like you to put in your timeline
  • I’d like you to fill out the wedding planning questionnaire
  • I’d like you to put in some music. Definitely put in 10 of your must plays and 3 of your do-not-play songs

…and I’ll help you as much or as little as you want!

If you want to just pick out your first dance, your father/daughter mother/son, and ceremony music, I’ll do the rest.

I’ll fill in the gaps, I’ll take requests during the reception, and I’ll make sure everything that comes out of the speakers is clean and light and fun. Your guests are gonna have the best time!

If you’re worried about specific details in your online planning guide you can call us and ask for help, but here are a few tips:

Your timeline doesn’t need to include every single time to the minute for every activity in your day. As long as you put in the order, I’ll make sure that it flows. As MC I’ll make announcements so everybody knows what’s going on and what’s coming up. I’ll be checking in with the bartender, the planners, and other vendors to see where everything is and make sure it all flows together. You just sit back and enjoy your wedding!

The thing about timelines is that there’s no guarantee that we’re going to be able to keep it minute by minute by minute. Sometimes we’re playing with the sunlight, sometimes dinner is a few minutes late, there are plenty of different little issue that come up… but my job is to make sure that you (and your guests!) don’t find out about or even notice any of the hiccups.

We’ll make sure that everything gets moved around so the flow keeps moving and we don’t miss a beat no matter what happens.

Once you book with me you’re stuck with me!

I like to be a resource for any need, even if it’s not for a service that you’ve booked with me.

The process can get really stressful. As the days and weeks and months go by if you need me I’m here for you. If you’d like recommendations for vendors, or you’re just super excited about a new idea, or you’re having a freak-out moment about whatever and you need help – give me a call or text!

I’m here for you brides day or night 24/7. If I’m awake I’m going to answer you immediately.

And Grooms I’m here for you, too – Monday through Friday from 9 am to 6 pm.

About a week before you get married I’m going to reach out and chat with you to make sure we have the feel of what you’re looking for.

48 hours before your wedding the system is going to lock you out. Then we’re going to go in and make sure that everything is completely filled out. Then we’re going to check in with you again!

My goal is to give you the day of your dreams. There’s no cookie cutter way to give you what you want. You know what you want, and your style is going to be different than this bride or that bride.

We get one chance to make it right, and I’m going to make it right.

There are a lot of things that are going to stress you out in this process and we want to make sure we’re the least stressful piece to your day.

Go enjoy your day. Go mingle with your loved ones. Go dance the night away. I’ve got you!

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