How much do you require for a deposit?

We ask for 50% down with a max of $500. So if your services total $800, your deposit would be $400. If your services total $1200, we only ask for the max of $500 down. The remaining balance is invoiced the week prior to the wedding and we ask you to remit final payment within 10 days of the invoice. We also ask for a credit to keep on file.

What methods of payment do you accept?

We strive to be as flexible as possible with payments. Our preferred method of payment is a check, but we can also take a credit card, Zelle or PayPal. If you need a payment plan or to pay using an alternative format, we do have other options available on a case-by-case basis.

How far out from my wedding date should I book?

Our bookings are first come, first serve. We usually book out about a year, so we always encourage our couples to book as soon as they are able to put down a retainer with a contract. However, there are some circumstances where we are able to book you last minute, but it is definitely not recommended.

Do you have (insert song here)? Do you have set playlists or do I/we need to tell you what we want? What types of music are in your selection? If you don’t have a song we want can you get it?

We have an extensive collection of music ranging from the 1940’s to today with a mix of most genres. However, we do not have set playlists, as each event and couple are unique. That why in our planning system we offer space to add all your music for the day, and if we do not already have it, we can get before the day of the wedding. Furthermore, if your venue has internet access, we can get requests on the fly in real time too.

Is there going to be a microphone for the ceremony and toasts?

Yes of course! Each wedding has different needs and a custom layout for our equipment, but all of our clients have access to a lapel microphone for their officiant as well as a wireless mic for vows and for toasts during the reception.

What is the “online system” that you offer?

Our company offers an online planning system that allows our clients to work on their music and plan their timeline online using a custom logon. In this, we have a thorough wedding planning guide, trivia ideas, song lists, and even a custom link to share with your guests so that they may put in requests before the day!

How long to I have to accept a contract offer from the time it is sent to me?

Once we have sent you a contract offer.

Jow do I get into the online planner to start planning?

Once we have received your retainer and you have signed the digital contract, we send you an email with your personal logon info- username and password, along with the link to the site.

Why can’t I get into my online planning account?

There may be one of a few different reasons you cannot access the planner. Sometimes clients input their logon info backwards. Try switching the username and password around to see if that does the trick. Another reason may be that you are locked out. The system locks out clients 3 days prior to the wedding to give the DJ enough time to prepare for the event. If both of these are not the case, contact your DJ or Fallon Love personally and we will walk you through step by step to get you up and running!

Do we get to pick which DJ does our event?

If there is open availability with all our DJ’s, yes, you may have first choice as to who your DJ is. However, our bookings are first come, first serve, and we cannot guarantee you a specific DJ if one is already committed to another event. This is why we encourage you to book as soon as possible so that you may have your DJ of choice. You will, however, know who your DJ will be when you are offered a contract. We only switch a DJ if there is an emergency (which hasn’t happened yet, knock on wood).