Hi everyone!

Have you ever left a party early because it was boring and you would rather go home and watch TV? On the contrary, have you ever been having so much fun that you are sad when it is time to leave? Me too.

As a professional party coordinator for the past 10 years, I have seen my fair share of truly amazing, and not so amazing, parties. Through careful research, I have decided that there is too much of a focus around other aspects to planning the party. Planning a caterer, picking a venue, deciding on a theme; this takes enough time. To have to figure out how to entertain your guests on top of that is more than anyone should have to worry about. Let me take it off your shoulders.

Since opening my own company in Event Entertainment Production, I have been asked if I am still going to DJ. YES! Of COURSE I am still here for you!

I want to help organize all things FUN for the event. I want to take all the planning of entertainment off your hands and let you do all the other stuff. From timeline preparation, to floor plan mapping, I will help your event flow seamlessly from start to finish.

What kind of party are you having?

— Fallon Love

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